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Sergey Gaplikov and Olga Yarilova discussed the implementation of “Culture” national project in the Republic of Komi


Working meeting of the head of the region with the Deputy Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation was held in Syktyvkar.

Sergey Gaplikov thanked Olga Yarilova for the support provided by the Ministry of Culture of Russia to the republic.

“As you know, last year we announced the Year of Culture. This year, we actively involved in the Year of Theatres announced by the President of Russia. In 2018, we repaired 39 institutions of culture and art, refurbished 57 institutions using new approaches of state support, and opened 9 modern cinema halls. We are grateful to the Ministry of Culture for its active position and to you personally for your support and participation in our organizing committee for preparing for the centenary of the republic”, the head of the region said.

The Deputy Minister of Culture of Russia thanked the Head of the Republic of Komi for the special attention paid to the cultural activities in the region.

“I pay regular visits in the Republic of Komi. It is very attractive and I want to return to the republic again and again. And I agree that today culture in the region develops dynamically”, Olga Yarilova said. “Everything that was done in the Year of Culture in the Republic will contribute to other activities, including activities within the national project. This is the first time culture has become one of the priorities of state policy, and we should take this opportunity to develop culture in our country, especially in small towns, villages, and remote areas.”

Issues of the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Komi preparation and celebration, as well as holding the II Northern Cultural Forum were discussed at the meeting.



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