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"Team of the Republic of Komi" starts selection of talented managers


On March 6, “Team of the Republic of Komi” regional competition has been initiated to enlist Applicants in the managerial personnel reserve of the republic.

Highly qualified experts with an active citizenship, wishing to take up leadership posts in government bodies and contribute to the republic development are invited to participate.

Applicants should be citizens of the Russian Federation without no criminal record, aged 25-50, specialist or master’s degree, and at least 3 years of managing work.

An applicant’s suitability can be checked at http://uggs.rkomi.ru/ through answering 7 simple questions. In case an applicant meets the requirements, the site informs him on papers to be submitted.

Applicants will pass a test and an interview as part of the competition.

Competition winners will have an opportunity to complete the curriculum of a special educational program and thereby improve managerial skills. The program includes distance learning courses in key areas of public administration and training to improve personal qualities.

Competition winners will manage to take part in the authorities meetings, where they will be able to share proposals for joint work, and develop business contacts.

Each applicant will be mentored by a minister, a minister’s deputy or a top manager of major companies in the region. Such a mentoring system is aimed to speed up the reservist’s appointment to a senior position.

Competition applications can be submitted until March 29, 2019.


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