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The Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Komi joined the implementation of regional agro-industrial projects.


This was reported by Anatoly Knyazev, Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi / Minister of Agriculture and Consumers Market to Sergey Gaplikov, Head of Republic of Komi. The Ministry of Agriculture is the coordinator of the regional component in three projects.

“The projects are aimed at farmers’ activities and cooperation development, agro-industrial products export and physical education. Federal budget will provide up to 95 per cent of funding. We expect to get both economic and social effect, namely, raising competitiveness of products manufactured in small farms, increasing the number of farmers and agricultural cooperatives, and their incomes growth. Besides, new types of products and system of promoting regional goods in Russian and foreign markets will be established. Venison brand will be also developed. Also extra-budgetary funds for the construction of plane sports facilities will be raised,” Anatoly Knyazev said.

“System of farmers support and agricultural cooperatives development” project implementation will contribute to the attraction of over 300 employees in small and medium-sized agricultural businesses by 2024. In 2019, RUR 17.8 mln from federal budget and RUR 0.9 mln from Komi Republic budget will be invested in the project.

“Export of agro-industrial products” project agreement is currently being studied in the Ministry of Agriculture of Russia. By 2024, the expected regional products export will amount to USD 0.7 mln.

Construction of plane sports facilities is financed through the “Sustainable development of rural areas” program and included in the «New physical culture of the population” project. This year, construction of a universal sports ground in Zelenets village will be funded.

«In his message, Vladimir Putin stressed that villagers’ life quality improvement should become a key factor of agriculture steady growth. The President of Russia instructed the Federal Government to develop and adopt a new program for rural areas development. The program should start on January 1, 2020. Anatoly Panteleymonovich, I ask you and the Ministry to engage actively in this process and submit proposals considering the specifics of our region to the Federal centre,” Sergey Gaplikov instructed.




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