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Events in Republic of Komi

10.04.2020 12:28
The corresponding order was signed by Acting Head of the Republic of Komi Vladimir Uyba.
09.04.2020 12:25
The corresponding order was signed by Acting Head of the Republic of Komi Vladimir Uyba.
04.04.2020 22:02
This issue was discussed at a meeting of the Republican Operational Headquarters to counteract a spread of the new coronavirus infection. The meeting was held by Acting Head of the Republic of Komi Vladimir Uyba.
04.04.2020 15:47
By agreement of the parties the company’s property is transferred for a high availability regime period in the region
16.03.2020 10:43
All preventive measures in clinics, including medical and professional examinations are canceled. Patients with signs of viral infection (influenza, SARS) are serviced only at home. Visiting relatives in hospitals is prohibited. Prescriptions for preferential categories of citizens are issued for 3 months ahead.
15.03.2020 22:40
Security measures will be strengthened to protect citizens from a new coronavirus infection spread in the republic. The corresponding decree was signed on March 15 by Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov.
12.03.2020 14:13
This year over 600 participants from 35 regions of Russia, as well as from Norway, Ukraine, Finland and Sweden gathered at the forum in Syktyvkar. On March 12, the Culture of Happiness: the role of cultural institutions in the well-being of everyone plenary session was held, in which the Head of the Republic of Komi also took part.
12.03.2020 11:06
On March 11, Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov and Director General of AO RUSSIAN MINERAL RESOURCES Alexei Novikov signed an agreement between the Government of the region and the company on the integrated development of titanium, quartz and other mineral deposits located in the Republic of Komi.
11.03.2020 21:01
On March 11, a gala concert of the 30th International Festival of Opera and Ballet Syktyvkarsa Tulys took place on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Komi. The Head of the Republic of Komi congratulated the festival participants and spectators on the impressive cultural event.
28.02.2020 17:53
The meetings took place on February 28 in Paris within the participation of the delegation of the Republic of Komi in the Russian Seasons large-scale cultural project.


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