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Sergey Gaplikov proposed a number of ideas concerning forestry staffing.


The Head of the Republic of Komi delivered a report at the IV International Conference “Pulp and Paper Industry of Russia. New Realities, New Opportunities” which took place in Vienna, Austria on December 4-5.

“Personnel is one of the most important issue for any sector of economy including timber industry. The Forest Education Cluster has been established and functions in Komi. It unites 18 forestry education institutions. At the same time, to improve timber industry staffing a few challenges should be met,” the Head of the Republic of Komi noted.

Sergey Gaplikov proposed to establish a targeted funding for higher education institutions in order to attract foreign lecturers in the framework of international cooperation and to purchase specialty equipment. The head of the region also offered to develop interaction mechanisms between companies and educational institutions to compose applicants’ plans and secure graduates’ employment in the field of forestry.

“Creation of large research and educational centres based on existing higher education and vocational training institutions will allow overcoming the lag in forestry research and training,” Sergey Gaplikov commented on.

According to the Head of the Republic of Komi, establishing such an organization in Syktyvkar Forest Institute, a branch of S.M. Kirov St. Petersburg State Forestry University might be a pilot project.


*** The event was organized by the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The Association of Paper Industry Specialists (APIS) is the Conference Operator.

This is a reminder, that the Head of the Republic of Komi is included in the Council of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Wood Exporters of Russia.



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