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Sergey Gaplikov proposed to introduce additional support measures for biofuel producers.


The Head of the Republic of Komi delivered a report at the IV International Conference “Pulp and Paper Industry of Russia. New Realities, New Opportunities” which took place in Vienna, Austria.

The development of bioenergy based on wood wastes is one of the promising areas of timber industry in the Republic of Komi. The region is implementing measures to increase the use of wood, including wood wastes for efficient heat generation. Today, 50 boiler houses using such eco-friendly fuels as chips, pellets and briquettes are operating in Komi. By 2021 their number will grow up to 96. This will create a sustainable biofuel market and foster investment activity to establish enterprises producing biofuels.

Sergey Gaplikov proposed to introduce a number of additional measures to support producers of biofuels. Among them there are provision of subsidies for the reconstruction (transfer) of existing boilers from fuel oil to biofuel; banning of waste wood dumps within a radius of 100-150 km from settlements in which fuel oil is used to generate heat; VAT abolition for pellet manufacturers.

The Head of the Republic of Komi believes that these measures will make possible to increase economic efficiency of wood processing wastes, low-grade and small-size wood utilization.


*** The event was organized by the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Exporters of Russia, and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation. The Association of Paper Industry Specialists (APIS) is the Conference Operator.

This is a reminder, that the Head of the Republic of Komi is included in the Council of the Union of Timber Manufacturers and Wood Exporters of Russia.



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