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Komi and Nenets reindeer breeders organized exciting races in Vorkuta


Reindeer sledging race presented a bright and unforgettable show to the residents and guests of the polar city. This year the traditional Fest of the North was dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Vorkuta City establishing. Sergey Gaplikov, Head of the Republic of Komi, congratulated Vorkuta residents on the jubilee and wished reindeer-breeders success.

In 2017 the Fest of the North and Reindeer Sledging Races were included into TOP 200 of the best inter-regional and international events in Russia. The event is included in the National Event Calendar and has the status of a National Fest. Its main goal is to promote culture to the population, life, language and traditions of indigenous peoples, to create a tolerant attitude towards the peoples living in Russia North.

Reindeer herders of Vorkuta region and the Nenets Autonomous District participate in traditional races. Competitions are held in the main street of the city and always attract a large number of spectators.

Along with reindeer races a traditional competition of the national costume was held. The contestants performed in such two age categories as children's national costume and women's national attire. The participants represented the indigenous peoples of the Big Tundra as Nenets, Khanty, Mansi and Komi. The main judges were audience.

This year Maxim Terentiev won the race. He got the main prize a snowmobile.

During a working trip to Vorkuta the Head of the Republic of Komi also visited the places of traditional indigenous habitats, familiarized with the life of reindeer herders having a nomadic lifestyle. Sergey Gaplikov visited a Khanty reindeer breeders family of Peter and Ustinya Kondygin who bring up five sons and a daughter and keep 3,000 reindeer. The head of the region thanked the hosts for their hospitality and wished them happiness and well-being.



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