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In Syktyvkar the Ice Palace will be built by VIS Group


An agreement was reached in the fields of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Earlier, Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov and Chairman of the Board of Directors, VIS Group Igor Snegurov signed an agreement on cooperation between the Government of the region and the company. The document laid the foundation for further interaction, including fostering of private investment in projects based on a public-private partnership.

"For us this is an important project that will be implemented for several years to the 100th anniversary of the republic. We will build a new ice palace for the World Bandy Championship which will be held in 2021. Our partners have the necessary competencies, they know how to modernize infrastructure, create unique objects using the latest technologies. I am sure that everything will be done with good quality and on time," - the Head of the Komi Republic commented after the signing ceremony.

The sports complex is planned to be built using a PPP mechanism. The approximate time for investments repayment is from 8 to12 years. Currently, the project characteristics are being specified.

"This will be a modern multi complex in which not only sports, but also large entertainment, exhibition events, symposia, conferences will be held. The stadium will be in the city in an accessible place where people spend their leisure time. I think they will like it. Today we took the first step after which a lot of work begins," -Sergey Gaplikov told in his interview to journalists.



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