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Development of Verkhne-Shchugor bauxite deposit has begun in Knyazhpogost District


Its ore reserves amount to 65 mln tons with the development life exceeding 20 years. Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Russia Yevgeny Kiselyov, Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov and President of UJSCRUSAL Vladislav Solovyov took part in the solemn ceremony of extracting the first ton of bauxite in the new field.

JSC Bauxite Timan is the company operating in bauxite production in the Republic of Komi. It is a part of JSC RUSAL, the world's largest aluminum and alumina company. In mid-March 2018, the company extracted a 40-mln ton of ore at Vezhayu-Vorykva field.

Within the framework of the strategy of Bauxite Timan mineral resource base upbuilding, RUSAL Company has invested over RUR 3 bln into the production development in Komi in 2016-2017. These funds were also allocated in mining equipment procurement, construction of a mine, roads, infrastructural and auxiliary facilities, and capital mining works.

"RUSAL invests not only in the production development. It also implements a number of projects in social, cultural and sports fields. Within the centenary celebration of our republic, the construction of a modern socio-cultural centre in Chinyavoryk Village, Knyazhpogost District is planned to be supported by RUSAL. Due to the company involvement, a new information board was installed at the Raisa Smetanina ski stadium. For the first time in mid-March, RUSAL Festival was held in Syktyvkar and Ukhta. I am confident that such mutually beneficial cooperation will continue," Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov noted.

"We are grateful to the leadership of the Republic of Komi for supporting our initiatives, both in solving strategic issues of strengthening the industrial potential of the republic, and in implementing cultural and sports projects. One of RUSAL's priorities is the expansion of its own raw material base, so the company will continue to invest in the development of the production facilities," JSC RUSAL President Vladislav Solovyov said.

In 2018, Bauxite Timan also plans to build and commission a quarry water treatment plant, a road, a warehouse, a 100-seat eatery, a new residential module for 80 people, a hangar for locomotives maintenance at the Chinyavoryk-industrial station and a number of other infrastructural facilities.


*** In September 2016, an agreement on social and economic cooperation between JSC Bauxite Timan and the Government of the Republic of Komi was signed. In November 2017, Protocol No. 2 was signed.

As a result, last year the company fully fulfilled all its investment obligations to finalize the currently-operated Vezhayu-Vorykva field and develop a new Verkhne-Shchugor field.

In 2016-2017, the number of employees raised by over 250 people. About half of the new employees are of Komi Republic residents.



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