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Glued beam from Syktyvdin District is in high demand in Europe


Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov visited the company implementing the most waste-free woodworking project. Today the products manufactured in Zelenets Village are exported to Germany, Italy, France, Scandinavian and Baltic counties.

Now the company installs and sets a modern equipment. Installation of drying kilns and a boiler is the next stage. The owner has already invested RUR 150 mln in modernization. The company plans to invest another RUR 200 mln and to proceed to ultimately automated operations. Today 250 workers are employed.

The project implementation will allow to increase a production from 1,200 to 10,000 m3 of glued timber.

"The company products demand is 15 times higher than the supply. Today we produce about 700-1,500 m3 of glued timber, and we have orders exceeding 12,000 m3. Our products are exported practically throughout Europe at a price of EUR 600 per cubic meter," Anatoly Yakimov, director of Parma PEV LLC commented on.

According to the company director, production increase is hampered by raw materials shortage. There is also a need for an extra space for additional workshops. Head of the Republic of Komi Sergey Gaplikov instructed the Ministry of Investments, Industry and Transport of the region to render maximum assistance to the company in resolving these issues.

"Such kind of companies require support. They have prospectives to expand. There is a promising market to be developed. We have created a forest cluster in the region, but it needs our backing. Therefore, it is necessary to solve existing challenges and only then a modern and technological branch will be created in the republic. This is our strategic goal," Sergey Gaplikov noted.

The Ministry of Investments, Industry and Transport of the Republic of Komi plans to give a priority status to the Parma PEV LLC project.



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