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Komi delegation headed by Sergey Gaplikov will take part in the Russian Investment Forum


The Forum will be held on February 15-16 in the Main Media Centre of the Olympic Park in Sochi.

 During the Forum a trilateral agreement between the Government of the Republic of Komi, the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation and PJSC Rostelekom on joint activities in investment projects implementation in the republic is going to be signed. A memorandum of cooperation with the Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) on fostering investments into the economy of the Republic of Komi is also planned for signing.

The Forum is a traditional platform for conducting business dialogue with investors, presentation of investment potential of Russian regions and discussion of their social and economic development issues.

This year the key issues of the Russian Investment Forum will be the transformation of the public administrative system, digitalization of regional management, new mechanisms for fostering investments, regional and small and medium-sized business development.

According to the Forum organizers, about 2,000 business representatives have already confirmed their participation. They include over 700 leaders of major Russian companies and over 160 representatives of business community from Austria, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, the USA, Canada, France, Turkey, and Japan.


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