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Sergey Gaplikov presented the investment potential of the Republic of Komi to the Middle East business community


The Head of the Republic of Komi was on a working visit to the Kingdom of Bahrain. Headed by Sergey Gaplikov, a delegation from the region, consisting of representatives of government and business, held a number of meetings and negotiations on the implementation of investment projects in Komi with Arab partners.

Sergey Gaplikov discussed prospects of bilateral cooperation with Bahrain Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, Deputy Minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce Nadir Khalil Almoyaed, Minister of Oil Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalifa Al Khalifa and the leadership of the Bahrain Economic Development Council.

The Head of the Republic of Komi highly appreciated the level of mutual interaction between Russia and the Kingdom of Bahrain, achieved due to Russian President Vladimir Putin foreign policy. The Head of the Republic thanked the leadership of the Kingdom of Bahrain for the hospitality and interest of the Middle East business circles to cooperate with the region.

"It was a great honour for us to host the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Russian Federation, Dr. Ahmed Al-Saati. Agreements on the organization of the Republic of Komi business mission to the Kingdom of Bahrain with the presentation of the investment potential became the result of this meeting. The visit of our delegation is another confirmation of strengthening our ties and developing mutually beneficial relations," Sergey Gaplikov stated.

The Head of the Republic of Komi spoke about the natural and mineral resources of the region, the transport infrastructure and the energy system, industry and fuel and energy sector, as well as the ways of investment activities state support.

In the field of transport and telecommunications Sergey Gaplikov presented the International Airport and the Wholesale and Distribution Centre construction in Syktyvkar. The head of the region also offered to participate in the Pechora Transport Corridor and the Sosnogorsk-Indiga railway construction.

"These are strategically important infrastructural projects within the federal state policy to develop Russian Arctic and Northern Latitudinal Railway. The construction of the new railway branch and the Indiga Sea Port, as well as the Belkomur Railway construction will significantly increase the cargo traffic of the Northern Sea Route. In the long term, we will ensure transcontinental connection of the northern ports with the Pacific Ocean ports and enter the world markets in the West and East," Sergey Gaplikov stressed.

In timber industry, the Head of the Republic of Komi presented projects of two large timber industrial plants construction (Viscose Pulp Plant in Troitsko-Pechorsk and Timber Processing Complex), projects of value-added wood processing facilities with bio-energy plants and a project of plywood factory modernization.

During the Komi Republic investment potential presentation, projects in oil and gas, agriculture and tourism were also presented. Bahrain business representatives noted the prospects of a number of fields and expressed interest in developing mutually beneficial cooperation.

The delegation of the republic and the Bahrain Economic Development Council management agreed to hold an online conference with interested stakeholders to exchange expertise and cooperation possibilities.

The Head of the Republic of Komi also visited the International Investment Park of Bahrain and met with management of Alba Company, aluminum manufacturer of Bahrain.



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