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The Strategy for the Russian Federation forestry development until 2030 was discussed by the participants of the III International Conference Russian pulp and paper industry - new realities, new opportunities


The government and business representatives gave an expert assessment to this strategic document developed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, and exchanged proposals for further industry development. Sergey Gaplikov participated in the final panel discussion of the forum in Vienna.

The draft Strategy for the Russian Federation forestry development until 2030 was done in accordance with the instructions of the Government of the Russian Federation and prepared in consideration of tasks set by the President Vladimir Putin to ensure high and sustainable rates of economic growth.

According to the document, at present the contribution of timber industry in the economy of Russia is significantly lower than the estimated potential and the similar index of other countries equal to Russia in timber reserves and logging. The situation was caused by the interest of domestic producers mainly to such low-margin segments as round timber, sawn-wood and plywood. Export potential was also underutilized.

"Almost ten years have passed since the adoption of the current Strategy till 2020. The industry has undergone a lot of changes, namely in the timber industry management and in the market situation including crisis events and anti-Russian sanctions. The market itself has also changed. Initially it was mainly a domestic market focused on the CIS and near abroad states. Today, the domestic market is expanding together with simultaneously growing demand in China, India, Western Europe and the United States. The new Strategy draft was maded regarding the market needs, and macroeconomic and geopolitical forecasts. A comprehensive analysis was also conducted," Sergey Gaplikov commented. "The main objective of Strategy 2030 is to ensure sustainable development of the industry in modern realities, to increase the competitiveness of the domestic timber industry and its contribution into the country social and economic development."

The industry priority tasks within the Strategy implementation are the development of export-oriented pulp production, the increase of boxboard and sanitary products manufacturing for the domestic market, as well as manufacturing of sawn-wood, plywood and panels, furniture, and pre-fabricated wooden houses equally for the domestic market and for export.

The document also identified the following 6 key trend as to support processing companies development projects; to stimulate the demand and to develop commodity markets; to ensure availability of the existing raw materials base; to stimulate efficient forest use, as well as its intensive use and reforestration; to develop human, technological and research potential; to improve forest protection and conservation; and to preserve and restore forests ecological potential.

The support of processing facilities’ development projects will be ensured through existing and proposed additional measures of state support for individual investment projects within the strategy framework. These measures will contribute to the formation of industrial clusters based on pulp and paper industry and wood processing companies ensuring the complete utilization of the wood resources of the region. This will reduce production costs, increase competitiveness by lowering logistics costs, non-waste production and synergies among timber enterprises within the value chain. The Republic of Komi, the Arkhangelsk and Irkutsk Regions, the Far Eastern Federal District and other Russian regions are the areas for pulp and paper industry clusters.

The Government of the region and the Head of the Republic in person have been actively finding a strategic investor to construct a modern environmentally safe wood chemical plant in Troitsko-Pechorsk District. The Central Scientific Research Institute of Paper will be responsible for the project feasibility study.



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