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Sergey Gaplikov, "The Republic of Komi has prospects to become one of the leading regions in value-added wood processing"


Today the Government of the Republic of Komi and the Central Research Institute of Paper concluded a memorandum dedicated to cooperation, interaction and activities in the project on construction of enterprises for wood resources value-added chemical processing in the Republic of Komi. The document was signed by Sergey Gaplikov, Head of the Republic of Komi and Yevgeny Tyurin, Director General of the JSC TsNIIB.

In particular, the project includes the construction of a modern environmentally friendly wood chemical plant in Troitsko-Pechorsk District. At present, the Government of the Republic of Komi is negotiating with a potential strategic investor. Within the framework of the Memorandum the Institute will elaborate the project feasibility study.

"The Republic has all required potential and resources to implement such a large-scale investment project. It will produce a tremendous economic and social effect and will make the region one of the leaders in wood value-added processing. Today, we fixed the earlier reached agreements in accordance with which our partners will execute the project from its start to the new plant launch. Simultaneously they will render qualified consulting support at various stages of its implementation," Sergey Gaplikov commented out.

The Memorandum with the research organization was signed on the results of negotiations between Sergey Gaplikov and Yevgeny Tyurin in September this year. During the meeting the Paper Institute Manager noted the relevance and prospects of building a modern pulp and paper plant in Troitsko-Pechorsk.

According to preliminary calculations, the initial cost of the project for value-added softwood and hardwood species processing in Troitsko-Pechorsk District was RUR 42 bln. Due to this, Y. Tyurin considered a step-by-step project implementation to be economically feasible. After the initial launch of viscose bleached pulp manufacturing the variety of goods would be gradually extended.

"Today viscose fiber is in demand. It is not manufactured in Russia. It is in demand both in textile and defence industries. The latter includes Roskosmos and the Ministry of Defence. This is cord pulp and aramid paper with cellulose additives. Although the output of such products is small, they are in great demand. And their price is quite high. For example, the price of special types of cellulose for gunpowder production increases to RUR 120,000," Y.Tyurin stated.

According to Y.Tyurin, in future the manufacturing of highly-demanded fabric materials’ cellulose could be launched in Troitsko-Pechorsk. The raw material for this product could become such softwood species as aspen and birch.

"We studied several sites in the Arkhangelsk, Kirov, Sverdlovsk and Tyumen regions for the plant construction. But I think that the most appropriate option is here, in Troitsko-Pechorsk. Logistics and the timber composition are also good. Here there is enough energy, water and raw materials," Yevgeny Tyurin noted.

Within the framework of the Memorandum, the Government of the Republic of Komi and the Central Paper Research Institute have agreed on the mutual exchange of analytical and statistical information on various issues related to the project implementation; on preparation of the project feasibility study; on presenting feasibility study to potential investors and conducting necessary negotiations, presentations, and reports; on creation of new jobs in the timber industry of the Republic of Komi.

*** The main areas of JSC TsNIIB research and development are aimed to new projects in the timber industry and at increasing the domestic products competitiveness. The Institute also prepares feasibility studies for new pulp and paper plants and ​​priority forestry projects.



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