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The Republic of Komi and the Kingdom of Bahrain have excellent prospects for mutually beneficial economic and cultural cooperation


Such an assessment was given by Sergey Gaplikov, the Head of the Republic of Komi following the meeting with Dr. Ahmed Al-Saati, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain in the Russian Federation. The meeting was also attended by Rasul Botashev, the Deputy of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation, the member of the Committee on Energy.

Sergey Gaplikov thanked Mr. Ambassador for the interest to the Republic of Komi and expressed confidence that this visit would be interesting and useful. "We pay special attention to the development of international cooperation. The Republic of Komi is one of the regions with a high level of economic development and a favourable investment climate. We are ready to offer a number of attractive investment projects. We are open for cooperation and ready to discuss various areas of cooperation."

During the meeting, the parties discussed prospects of cooperation within the framework of aluminum industry development projects. In particular, the Ambassador noted that the Bahrain aluminum smelter, one of the world largest aluminum producers is interested in building new mutually beneficial relations with states and regions possessing raw materials.

The Head of the Republic of Komi supported the proposal, announcing several options for the possible implementation of the project. The main project is the creation of new industries or joint ventures on the territory of the Republic of Komi based on the existing companies.

Sergey Gaplikov also proposed to discuss options for creating enterprises on the territory of the republic for timber advanced processing and paper products manufacturing. Separately, the parties discussed the possibility of creating enterprises for the production of luxury furniture, which may interest business representatives of Bahrain and the Persian Gulf states.

"I think that this visit will build bridges between the Arab states and the Republic of Komi as the northern region of Russia. I see the potential for developing business relations between the Republic of Komi and the Persian Gulf states. In the course of the intensive program of my visit here I intend to visit many industrial enterprises and study the possibilities for exporting their products in my country," the ambassador said, while emphasizing the mutually beneficial cooperation with Bahrain that would allow entering the Republic of Komi the free trade zone with the other six Persian Gulf states, which exempts from export taxation.

The parties agreed to organize a meeting with representatives of the business communities of the Kingdom of Bahrain and the Republic of Komi to establish mutually beneficial business ties and discuss specific projects.

Mr. Ambassador also invited the representatives of the Republic of Komi to take an active part in a number of business events. In particular, in May 2017 a joint meeting of representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Russia and Bahrain attended by about 50 businessmen of the Kingdom would take place. And in July in Yekaterinburg there would be a conference on the development of business ties between the Russian Federation and the Kingdom of Bahrain with representatives of other countries of the Persian Gulf as the participants. According to Mr. Ambassador, the forum could become a promising presentation platform for the investment potential of the Republic of Komi.


Separately, the meeting participants discussed such cultural exchange cooperation issues as exhibitions arrangement and national on-stage creative groups’ performances. To interact in culture and youth policy, it was proposed to conclude a twinning agreement between Manama, the capital of Bahrain and Syktyvkar. The Head of the Republic of Komi instructed the Government of the Republic to organize this work.


Dr. Ahmed Al-Saati, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Kingdom of Bahrain to the Russian Federation, has arrived in Syktyvkar on a working visit. A visit to the large timber industry enterprises, the Syktyvkar Metal Processing Plant, the airport complex in Sokolovka, as well as a meeting on the implementation of investment projects in the republic and the possible participation of business representatives from the Kingdom of Bahrain are among the planned activities.



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