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Club of Chiefs of Representations of the Russian Federation Subjects was established in Moscow by the initiative of the Government of the Republic of Komi


The initiative of creating this informal association belongs to the Permanent Representation of the Republic of Komi to the President of the Russian Federation, where the first organizational meeting of the Club was held on December 8. Its main task is to promote the effectiveness of the regional representations, to coordinate approaches towards federal authorities in the development of the regulatory framework in the interests of Russian regions.

Grigory Sarishvili, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Komi to the President of the Russian Federation / Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Republic of Komi opened the meeting.

"The Club is an informal association of the chiefs of Russian regions’ representations bearing no obligations and restrictions. This is a sort of a discussion platform uniting regions to increase the representations’ effectiveness, as well as to develop joint initiatives and projects, to inform on social and economic situations in the represented regions, on the main events and activities having a mutual interest for partners," G. Sarishvili said.

The Club’s work implies the regional representations’ experience exchange, including cooperation with federal authorities, Russian missions abroad, Russian institutions, organizations and enterprises, foreign diplomatic and consular offices in Russia, representatives of international organizations, foreign institutions, organizations and companies.

Representatives of Russian federal executive authorities and other organizations, large companies and enterprises’ leaders, members of the foreign diplomatic corps will be regularly invited to the Club meetings.

The event was attended by representatives of 28 regions, which unanimously supported the Club foundation. The Republic of Bashkortostan, Buryatia, Dagestan, Kalmykia, the Crimea, Mariy-El, Sakha (Yakutia), North Ossetia, Tyva, Udmurtia, Khakassia, Chuvashia, the Altai Territory, the Zabaikalsky and Khabarovsk Territories, Irkutsk, Magadan, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Ryazan, Sverdlovsk, Tyumen, Yaroslavl, the Jewish Autonomous Region and the Chukotka Autonomous District are among these regions.

The Club membership will be voluntary and declarative. Chiefs of regional representations or their official deputies, or persons authorized by regional representations’ chiefs, as well as guests at the written invitation of the meeting organizers will be entitled to participate in the Club activities.

The Representation of the Republic of Buryatia is the next meeting venue.



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