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The Government of the Republic of Komi associates the Arctic Zone active development with coal and other minerals mining


Plans for development of the Arctic Zone of the Republic of Komi including Vorkuta area were presented by Roman Polshvedkin, Assistant, the Ministry of Industry, Natural Resources, Energy and Transport of the Republic of Komi at the 6th International Forum "The Arctic: the Present and the Future" in St. Petersburg.

As the speaker noted, historically coal mining had been the dominant industrial sector in Vorkuta.

"In terms of coal reserves the Pechora Coal Basin ranks second in Russia. There are about 30 coal deposits and coal occurrences including 11 coal fields with proven balance reserves of about 7 bln tons," R. Polshvedkin said.

Upon the speaker’s information, Vorkuta deposits are a powerful source of raw materials for the development of coking, energy generation and methane extraction in future. Besides, Vorkuta remains the main reserve for expanding the coking coal base of the Pechora Basin. Explored stock of the Verkhnesyryaginsky field can supply reserves for a new mine construction with total annual capacity of over 10.5 mln tons of coking coal.

The Government of the Republic of Komi connects the Arctic Zone further with the implementation of investment projects in the development of No.1 mine field of the Usinsk Deposit, No.3 mine field of the Usinsk coal deposit, as well as open-pit coal mining in the area of the ​​Promezhutochny coal strip mine.

Roman Polshvedkin stressed that at present work on using other resources in industrial turnover is being held in the region. On the territory of the Vorkuta Administrative Region a wide range of metallic and non-metallic minerals including the unique field of high-quality barite, gold deposits and occurrences, perspective occurrences of chromites was explored. Deposits and occurrences of copper, lead and zinc, sulfur pyrites, semiprecious stones, piezo-optical raw stock and fluorite mineralization have been discovered. Silver, arsenic and bismuth are associated raw stock.

Chrome ore forecast resources of Hoylinsky ore hub in Voikar-Syninsky chromite-bearing area with amount of 40 mln tons have been considered. Sauripeya ore occurrence and Padyaga-Musyur deposit are of great interest as copper-bearing sandstones formations. Enganepeysko-Manitanyrdsky gold placer deposits are located in Vorkuta Administrative Region area. Esto-Shor alluvial gold placer deposit of relatively coarse fraction has been identified. Veined quartz supplies at Manitashorsky area amount to 200 thousand tons.

Currently, the Government of the Republic of Komi is actively studying the possibility of establishing a single territory of advanced social and economic development in the Vorkuta urban district. The result of the territory creation will be implementation of several investment projects in coal tailings’ fuel briquettes manufacturing, Vorkuta Cement Plant and airport complex reconstructions, Olenevod production-agricultural cooperative facilities’ modernization, Vorkuta-Salekhard 220 kV grid construction, as well as Arctic tourism projects.

Roman Polshvedkin invited investors to active cooperation in the proposed and other perspective projects in the Republic of Komi.



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