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"Strengthening of socially important industries is the absolute priority in the RF President Message," said S.Gaplikov, the Head of the Republic of Komi


"Speaking of the social sphere, which was the issue of the President’s special attention, and the work in remote areas, it is worth noting the steps of improving work in the social services conservation and development. Among them the main is health including air ambulance federal program development. It requires substantial funds allocation and we will take part in this service development. Another service is the provision of social support measures as well as other services that are of particular significance for residents of the Republic of Komi which is a huge area with low population density," noted Sergey Gaplikov.

"In the social sphere, on which the country's President emphasized, speaking of the work in remote areas, it is worth noting the steps to improve the work in the conservation and development of social services. Among them the main, still, - health, including the federal program for the development of air ambulance, which allocated substantial funds and in which we will take part; and the provision of social support measures and other areas that are for residents of the Komi Republic - a vast area of ​​the region, but low population density are particularly significant. The development of these spheres of life is closely linked to the development of the telecommunications industry, communication means, promotion of settlements’ informatization, telemedicine development, providing sustainable schools communications and public services in electronic format. The work in these areas will be strengthened," said the Head of the Republic of Komi.

The head of the region also paid attention to the issue of intensive agriculture development posed by the RF President

"Active involvement of new and, most importantly, reactivation of previously idle agricultural lands is of particular relevance for the Republic of Komi. We should not limit the overall objective to the state food security. A real increase in life quality of life is implied. Considering our rich historical experience in agriculture development and using and taking modern technology into account, we have a good opportunity to revive the agricultural sector in a new way," commented on the Head of the Republic of Komi the President's Address to the Federal Assembly of Russia.

"The Head of State outlined the increased responsibilities of the regions in taking on additional obligations, close working with the federal centre and attracting additional funds for new projects. We are ready for this," said Sergey Gaplikov.

Sergey Gaplikov also reminded of the regional Government actions in the participation in the single-industry cities development programs. The need to ensure stable livelihoods in them was marked the RF president: "In 2017, RUR 20 bln will be allocated in the regions for the urban redevelopment program, including single-industry cities. We are actively working on options for the investment programs implementation in these municipalities. And implementing land improvement projects will definitely improve their socio-economic situation and, in general, the health of local people. I am confident that the citizens will respond the invitation of the President to actively participate in these projects development and implementation".


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