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The Government of the Republic of Komi and the Cabinet of Ministers of the Chuvash Republic have signed a cooperation agreement


The document was signed by Sergey Gaplikov, the Head of the Republic of Komi and Mikhail Ignatiev, the Head of the Chuvash Republic.

The parties have agreed on long-term mutually beneficial cooperation in trade, economic, scientific, technical and cultural spheres. They also ratified the plan of joint actions on the implementation of the reached agreements.

In particular, the Agreement includes strengthening and expanding trade and economic relations between economic entities, the commodity turnover growth, saturation of the consumer market with domestic goods and food protection including import substitution; cooperation and experience sharing in agricultural development; creating conditions to stimulate entrepreneurial activity, support in finding business partners and business proposals exchange; creation of favourable conditions for the implementation of joint projects in economy development; cooperation and experience sharing in education, health, development of physical culture and sports, tourism and justice.

Sergey Gaplikov thanked the Chuvashia delegation for the interest to the economic and investment potential of the Republic of Komi, noting the prospects of long-standing ties that unite two regions.

"I would say that today we plan to cooperate not just in industry, agriculture, culture and tourism, but also in the humanitarian sphere, in youth development and international relations. We are interested in sharing experiences in medicine and education including highly skilled professionals training. We are grateful to the delegation of Chuvashia for the visit in our republic. I am confident in our bilateral relations development prospects," said Sergey Gaplikov.

Mikhail Ignatiev thanked the Head of the Republic of Komi for the warm welcome and the opportunity to visit local businesses, for prospects and development potential which attracted the Chuvashia entrepreneurs.

"The trade turnover between our regions especially in electrical and chemical industries and catering grows. We have paid attention to the wood processing development in Komi, to the use of modern technologies in the world-class enterprises. Therefore, in this field we also see prospects for us to buy your products, and for you to buy our goods that drives to the mutually beneficial cooperation and agrees with the state policy of import substitution designated by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin," said Michael Ignatiev.

This Agreement will be effective on the day of its signing and is five years valid.

Earlier, Sergey Gaplikov, the Head of the Republic of Komi and Mikhail Ignatiev, the Head of the Chuvash Republic held a working meeting where they discussed plans for collaboration between governments of the regions in the near future.



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