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The transport network in the Republic of Komi includes 2,3 thousand km of railways (including 1,7 thousand km of public use), 4,1 thousand km of navigable inland waterways (including 3,1 thousand km of public use, of which waterways Pechora basin - 2,5 thousand km, Vychegda Basin - 0,6 thousand km), 11,8 thousand km of roads (including 6,3 thousand km of public roads).


Railway transport. 

The basis of the railway network of general use in the Republic of Komi forms railway Kotlas - Vorkuta with the total length of 1.7 thousand km and 3 low-intensity lines (Mikun - Koslan - Vendinga , Sosnogorsk - Troitsko-Pechorsk, Synya - Usinsk).

The density of the railway network of general use in the Republic of Komi is 4.1 km per 1000 sq. km.

In the republic there are two major railway companies with their structural subdivisions:
1) Sosnogorsk branch of the Northern Railway - branch of JSC "Russian Railways" (the main form of activity is providing transport of goods, on its balance there is all the main and supporting infrastructure). In 2009 the company transported 17.7 million tons of cargo. The bulk of goods transported by rail are: coal (in 2009 - 42% of the total volume of transported goods), oil and petroleum products (26%), timber (8%).
2) Rolling plot "Syktyvkar" - a branch of the Northern Regional Directorate of the passenger service - the structural unit of the Federal passenger management - the affiliation of JSC "Russian Railways".
On the territory of the republic 16 pairs of long-distance trains run, including 8 pairs of trains formed by the Northern Regional Directorate of the passenger service.

In 2009 3,1 million passengers departured in the republic. Railway enterprises get a state support from the republican budget of the Republic of Komi to recover losses from commuter traffic and as partial compensation for losses from the operation of low intensity rail lines (in 2009 10,2 million rubles).


Air transport.  

Airports of Syktyvkar, Vorkuta, Ukhta, Pechora, Usinsk, Inta and Ust-Tzilma operate in Komi, they are part of the Federal State Unitary Enterprise Komiaviatrans. At the republic air transportation market the following airlines operate: Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Komiaviatrans”, “UTair-Express Ltd." and JSC “UTair”, JSC “NordAvia - Regional Airlines ", JSC "Kirov United Air Detachment", JSC

"Aviation Company RusLine” (a seasonal work). In addition in the Republic of Komi a subsidiary of Air Navigation Branch of the Northern Urals Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Corporation for Air Traffic Management", an undertaking on the use of airspace, air traffic control and radio support, is located.

Intermunicipal passenger transportation on the territory of the Republic of Komi is carried by the airline UTair-Express using AN-24 aircrafts. In 2009 the republican budget of the Republic of Komi gave 32.5 mln RUR to support passenger traffic in intermunicipal communication. Intermunicipal passenger transport on helicopters Mi-8 was organized to remote villages in five districts: Inta, Pechora, Ukhta, Usinsk and Ust-Tsilma. In 2009 the republican budget of the Republic of Komi allocated subsidies in the amount of 18,2 million rubles for this purpose. By results of 2009 companies of air transport sent from the airports of the republic 203.4 thousand passengers, transported 153,3 thousand of passengers, cargo and mail were sent to 1,7 tons, transported 0,7 thousand tons.


Automobile transport.

On the territory of the Republic of Komi 62 automobile companies with 1014 vehicles of various forms of ownership are engaged in business activities. In addition in the field of motor transport 358 individual entrepreneurs service passengers, who own 866 cars. At the end of 2009 the transport of passengers performed for 51 regular intermunicipal bus lines maintained by the carriers which received the right to provide services by results of the competition. In 2009 road passenger transport carried 98.5 million people.

Road transport enterprises involved in passenger intermunicipal services receive funds to compensate a decreased income from the republican budget of the Republic of Komi (in 2009 amounting to 7,1 million rubles).

In 2009 trucks transported 23 million tons of cargo.


River transport.

The density of river routes in the Republic of Komi is 9.8 km per 1000 sq km
River transport services on the territory of the Republic of Komi are provided by state Pechora Basin Waterways and Shipping Administration which organizes the work on operation and development of waterways in the Pechora basin (length 2589 km) and Syktyvkar area waterways - a branch of the Northern Dvina River Basin State Water Management routes and navigation which serves the operation and development of Vychegda basin water ways (length 601 km).

The maintenance of waterways in the Pechora and Vychegda basins are carried out at the expense of the federal budget. In addition the republican budget of the Republic of Komi supports the shipping situation in the rivers of regional importance of Vychegda and Pechora basins (in 2009 it was amounting to 1,7 million rubles).

The main enterprises of river transport in the Republic of Komi which carry out transportation of passengers, freight and cargo, handling operations are JSC shipping company Pechora River Shipping Company, JSC Pechora River Port, Shipping Company "Pechora Ltd.".
On the territory of four municipalities of the republic (Ust-Tsilma, Izhma, Vuktylsky and Usinsky districts) intermunicipal passenger river service takes place.

In 2009 the river transport carried 58 thousand passengers and 891 thousand tons of cargo.

Bulk Transport. 

Oil transportation through the territory of the Republic of Komi is represented by:
- an infield pipeline system Kharyaga-Usa with the total length of 150 km and a capacity of 12 million tons per year (LUKOIL-Komi Ltd.);

- a system of main pipelines "Usa-Ukhta" and "Ukhta-Yaroslavl" with the total length of 1540 km and capacity on the segment "Usa-Ukhta - 24,2 million tons per year, and on the segment" Ukhta-Yaroslavl "- 20,3 million tons per year (JSC "Northern Main Oil Pipelines").

The system of main gas transportation through the territory of the Republic of Komi consists of four main gas pipeline (length 7300 km), branch pipelines (1200 km) and condensate pipelines (545 km). The bulk of the gas comes from fields in the Tyumen region.

The length of main gas pipelines in one line performance through the territory of the Republic of Komi is 4000 km.

Transportation of gas through the territory of the Republic of Komi is made by Gazprom transgaz Ukhta (a structural unit of JSC Gazprom).

Main pipelines provide uninterrupted delivery of more than 100 million tons of natural gas through the territory of the republic.

The share of pipeline transport in total freight traffic is 74,5%. To ensure the transportation of Yamal gas to the Unified Gas Supply System of Russia it is planned to create a gas transmission system of the new generation with total length of 2500 km till 2030. The system of main pipelines Bovanenkovo - Ukhta with length of about 1100 km (including 807 km on the territory of the Republic of Komi) is an integral part of it, it is under construction since 2007.


Key indicators










Cargo transportation by all types of transport, mln tons










Freight turnover, billion ton-km










Transportation of passengers by public transport, million passengers










Passenger turnover of public transport, bln passenger-km











Road facilities.

As of January 1, 2010 the length of highways in the Republic of Komi in republic ownership was 6,041.6 km, including paved 5330.9 km or 88,2% of the total length of roads. In the structure of republic paved roads the roads with asphalt coating (68,0%) dominate. The federal road Vyatka (Kirov - Murashi - Syktyvkar in the Republic of Komi borders) with the length 283.6 km adds to the road network of the Republic of Komi.

The density of the highways network with hard surface (including federal) is 13.5 kilometers per 1000 square km. By the density of highways the Republic of Komi takes one on the bottom places among the regions of Russia, having only 60% of the necessary roads network required for a successful and efficient operation of the republic economy.

However, the road structure of the Republic of Komi has no quality for a large proportion of the transitional type of roads and dirt roads. Thus, transitional type roads occupy 30,6% of the total hard surface roads length or 1,629.9 km. Gradually the length of dirt roads decreases, amounting on January 1, 2010 710.7 km or 11.8% of the total length of roads.

The road network in the Republic of Komi on January 1, 2010 is equipped with 533 bridges and overpasses, there are 339 units in the capital construction or 63,6% of the total, 18 floating bridges. There is a sufficiently large proportion of wooden bridges, on January 1, 2010 there were 194 of them or 36,4% of the total number of bridges and overpasses. Wooden bridge structures predominate in the territory of Ust-Kulom, Udora and Priluzsky districts.

In winter 25 ice crossings with the total length of 12 km secure the rural transport network, including the unique ice extent crossings the Pechora river with the length exceeding 1.5 km each.
35,8% of rural settlements in the Republic of Komi have not sustainable transport links by paved roads with a network of public roads. Settlements in seven municipalities, which are home to more than 300 thousand people, including the towns of Pechora, Usinsk, Inta, Vorkuta have not sustainable transport links with a network of republic highways and adjacent districts.

The Republic of Komi continues to build a highway Syktyvkar - Ukhta - Pechora - Usinsk - Naryan-Mar with entrances to the cities of Vorkuta and Salekhard, as well as maintenance and repair of the federal highway Vyatka crossing the Komi territory.


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