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National relations.

In the Republic of Komi representatives of 130 nationalities live. Powers and functions to regulate international relations are endowed with the Ministry of National Policy of the Republic of Komi. Its main purpose is to unite efforts of all authorities, various political, social, national and cultural movements to preserve and promote national culture, language and traditions of all peoples living on the republic territory.

The partners of public authorities in the Republic of Komi on implementation of the state national policy among the population are ethnic cultural associations of the republic. More than 80 of such organizations have been established, including 9 of the republican national-cultural autonomies, 10 republican national-cultural associations, 4 social movements, including 3 inter-regional movements. Under the Ministry of National Policy of the Republic of Komi The advisory council for the national-cultural autonomies works which aims to implement the governmental national policies and integrate national-cultural autonomies efforts in order to achieve inter-ethnic and inter-confessional harmony, to expand inter-regional cooperation.

Interregional public movement "Komi voytyr", public movement "Indigenous Women of the Republic of Komi" and interregional public movement of Komi Izhma people "Izvatas" assist public authorities in solving the problems of indigenous people.

An important activity in the area of the state national policy is to develop strategies and tactics for the conservation and development of ethnic culture and enhance the national identity of the Komi people, as a part of the Finno-Ugric community. The Republic of Komi serves as one of the components of the Finno-Ugric cooperation, it is considered as one of the major scientific, strategic and managerial resources of the Finno-Ugric world. A variety of inter-regional projects implemented in the republic affect significant aspects of the Finno-Ugric interaction and are aimed at solving actual problems, the preservation and development of traditions and cultures of related peoples, creation of united information space of the Finno-Ugric world.
Language policy is implemented  through a system of program activities aimed at raising the overall level of speech culture and inter language tolerance, increasing functioning of the Komi language as the state language and promotion of the Komi language among children and youth, implementing information technology in the functioning of the state languages of the Republic of Komi. As part of creating a positive attitude towards the state languages among all nationalities residing in the territory of the republic annually traditional holidays, festivals, competitions take place.

23 centers of national cultures, including 6 the Komi culture centers, carry out an active work to meet the cultural and spiritual needs of people living in the republic, preserve and develop their cultures, traditions, customs and languages.

The changing world presents new challenges in the field of state national policy. One of them is an implementation a set of measures aimed at improving the interaction between state authorities of the republic with religious organizations in the prevention of extremism and ethno separation, prevention of negative processes  on national and religious grounds. Under the Ministry of National Policy of the Republic of Komi the Council for Religious Affairs is established, promoting development and improving state-confessional relations, coordinating the work of different ministries and departments, organizations and community groups to achieve the legal norms of freedom of conscience and religion.

A work with compatriots abroad is one of the national priorities in Russia at present. The Republic of Komi implements the action plan to support compatriots living abroad, providing support for public organizations and associations of the Russian diaspora, support and development of Russian language and Russian cultural heritage abroad, development of economic and information cooperation.

The state national policy in the Republic of Komi aims to preserve ethnic and political stability, form an inter-ethnic and inter-confessional tolerance. It is based on principles of effective interaction between government bodies, local authorities and public organizations in national development and regulation of international relations.

International and interregional cooperation.

The Republic of Komi has multilateral relations with CIS countries and abroad, other regions of the Russian Federation, representatives of the Republic of Komi regularly participate in international and domestic forums, exhibitions and fairs.

The priority of external relations of the Republic of Komi is cooperation within the Barents Euro-Arctic Region (BEAR) on the integration of  the Northern regions in the economy, politics, culture, education, ecology and other spheres.

Finno-Ugric cooperation is a real tool and major factor of ethno-cultural development of Russia. A variety of inter-regional projects implemented in the republic affect significant aspects of the Finno-Ugric interaction and aimed at solving actual problems, preservation and development of traditions and cultures of related peoples, creation of united information space of the Finno-Ugric world. Emphasis is placed on cooperation between the Republic of Komi and Finland. Its principal directions are: development of agriculture and herding, forestry, entrepreneurship, tourism, including training issues. Construction of the railway Oulu - Arkhangelsk - Syktyvkar - Perm, reconstruction of water supply system in Syktyvkar are among the main joint projects.
The Republic of Komi has established relationships with European countries. Since 1994 the region has involved in various projects of the Northern Forum.

Komi refers to subjects with a high degree of export orientation to foreign countries, mainly European countries, which account for 72% of the total foreign trade turnover of the republic, the CIS countries take 28% in this volume.

The main foreign trade partners of the Republic of Komi are Belarus, Finland, Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Iran.

The Republic of Komi has trade relations with more than 70 subjects of the Russian Federation. The most closely they are with Arkhangelsk, Vologda, Kirov, Moscow region, Nizhny Novgorod, Moscow and St. Petersburg.

In addition to foreign economic activities the Republic of Komi is actively cooperating with foreign countries in the field of social development, environment, culture and humanitarian ties. Humanities links are being developed with the Finno-Ugric countries as Finland and Hungary. The close cultural and educational links exist with Germany, in the republic  national-cultural autonomy of the Germans works. Ongoing educational exchanges take place with Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the United States. The Republic of Komi has experience in implementing TACIS social welfare projects. In the republic a number of international environmental projects which have a strategic focus on the rational use of natural resources, sustainable development and biodiversity conservation are implemented.


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