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The republic’s agroindustrial complex is represented by diversified agricultural organizations, food producers, farmers and private households. The complex consists of 276 organizations in agriculture, hunting, fisheries, food processing, construction, repair, technical, procurement, transportation, purchasing, sales, design and others.

In 2009, the agroindustrial complex of the Republic of Komi made products worth of 12.4 billion rubles. 57% of the production is in agriculture, 43% - in the food industry.



24% of the total population are in the rural areas, while only 2% of the people in the region are engaged in agriculture. The Republic of Komi has considerable land resources, but the share of the farmland’s agricultural land is 72%, the arable land – 75%.

Forage crops predominate in the agricultural organizations and farms. The local people grow mainly potatoes.

The share of agricultural organizations in the total volume of gross agricultural production is 55%. Agricultural companies have 52% of the total number of cattle, 76% of hogs 78% of deer, and the basic poultry stock. They produced 51% of milk, 99% of eggs, 74% of cattle and poultry for slaughter, 25% of vegetables, and 6% of potatoes. The major agricultural organizations are the main producers of milk, meat, vegetables and eggs.

The republic has three poultry farms: JSC "Zelenets Poultry Farm”, LLC “Syktyvkar Poultry Farm” (both are located in Syktyvdinski Metropolitan Area), JSC" Inta Poultry Farm in Inta.

There are highly productive dairy herds in some agricultural organizations: LLC Plemhoz "Ukhta-97", Ltd Plemhoz "Izvailsky-97" (Ukhta), OJSC "Southern" (Priluzsky region), OJSC "Suburban" (Syktyvkar), SPK "Palevitsy" (Syktyvdinski district). They accounted for 37% of milk, produced by agricultural organizations.

About 96% of greenhouse vegetables produced by the agricultural enterprises account for the greenhouse complex of JSC "Suburban" (Syktyvkar).

Deer farms are situated near the cities of Vorkuta, Inta and Usinsk.

In the Republic of Komi there are 270 farms. Their share in gross agricultural production is 3%. Most farmers work for food self-sufficiency, producing small amounts of potatoes, meat and milk. The share of milk supplies from the people and farms in the total supply of milk to the national market is 16%, livestock for slaughter - 37% (excluding poultry meat).

Around 210 thousand households have their own private farms or engage in gardening and horticulture. This sector produces 42% of gross agricultural output; the households produce 23% of meat, 43% of milk, 92% of potatoes and 75% of vegetables. Personal subsidiary plots have 41% of cattle (including 43% of cows), 14% of hogs and 21% of reindeers.

The republic’s food resources are made by own production by 98.3% for potatoes. 24% - for vegetables, 67.8% - for eggs and egg products, 28.2% - for milk and dairy products and 26.8% - for meat and meat products.

Due to climatic conditions, the republic does not provide with the necessary food from its own production. To guarantee food supplies for the republic’s residents, a part of the agricultural products and food stuff is delivered from other regions.


Manufacture of food products  

The share of food stuff in the structure of manufacturing production, including beverages, accounts for 6.5%. In addition to bread and bakery products, the republic produces also confectionery, pasta, mayonnaise, mineral water, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, milk and meat processed products.

Major food production companies are located in Syktyvkar, Vorkuta and Ukhta.
Bakery production includes 14 large and medium-sized bakeries in cities and district centers of the republic, a network of bakeries of consumer cooperative society and private mini bakeries. The largest grain producers are JSC “Syktyvkar Bread", MUE " Vorkuta Bakery" and MUE “Ukhta Bakery". More than a third of bread baked in the republic is produced in Syktyvkar.

Macaroni production is at bread-baking plants. The main producer is OJSC “Pechora Bread Factory”.

Patisserie is produced at JSC "Yubileinaya Confectionery Plant" in Syktyvkar, and also at confectionery shops of food companies.

The main producers of meat are JSC "Zelenets Poultry Farm” (Syktyvdinsk district), LLC “Syktyvkar Meat" (Syktyvkar) and "Ukhta Meat Processing Plant”.

More than half of milk produced by agricultural companies is processed in their own shops. The biggest dairy companies include OJSC "Syktyvkar Milk Factory" (Syktyvkar) and OJSC “Vorkuta Milk Factory"(Vorkuta). The bulk of whole milk products is made by the companies in Syktyvkar (60%) and Ukhta (22%).

The largest producer of alcoholic beverages in the Republic of Komi (up to 30 items) is OJSC “Syktyvkar Distillery”. The major producers of beer are OJSC Syktyvkar Beer" (Syktyvkar) and OJSC “Bakery” (Usinsk).


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