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The Congress of the Komi people is the supreme representative body of the Komi ethnos. The Congress of the Komi People and its executive body has the right to initiate legislation.

The Congress of the Komi People is convened by the executive body of the Congress once every four years.

The Executive Committee of the Congress of the Komi People (before 1998 called as the Committee for Renewal of the Komi People) is the Congress's executive body. It is elected at the conventions of the Komi people. The Executive Committee consists of a chairman, a secretary and 37 members of the Executive Committee. There are representation offices of the Executive Committee of the Congress of the Komi People in the republic's cities and districts.

The delegates to the Congress of the Komi People are elected in two stages: at the first stage delegates to city or district conferences are elected from companies, villages, settlements and communities; at the second stage delegates to the Congress of the Komi People itself are elected at district (city) conferences.

District (city) conferences of the Komi people are held annually (since 1998). Based on the results of the conferences, as a rule, municipal or township ordinances are passed and lists of events are approved.

With the participation of the executive representatives of the Congress of the Komi People, the Komi laws on the Komi state languages, on education, on culture and other legislation was enacted. Proposals have been prepared to enact the legislation on citizenship, the Komi Land Code and some other acts.





On 8-9 February 2008, the IX Congress of the Komi People was held in Syktyvkar. The Congress was attended by around 300 people, including 155 delegates from various locations in the republic, Yamalo-Nenets AO, Komi-Perm AO, Khanty-Mansi AO, Nenets AO, Murmansk Oblast, St.Petersburg and Moscow.

The Congress discussed the following issues: culture and mass media, social and economic matters, socio-political issues, education and youth policy. The socio-political status of villages was the most urgent and topical issue. The congress delegates and participants offered their proposals as to how improve the socio-economic situation in agriculture and forestry, health, communal services and culture.

Sergey Gabov was elected as chairman of Interregional Social Movement "Komi Voytyr". Also, the Presidium was formed. The new members of the Presidium: Valery Markov, Alexey Beznosikov, Maria Kuzbozheva, Vasily Kiselev, Galina Knyazeva, Alexey Konyukhov, Alexander Rassykhaev, Elena Kozlova, Maria Nizovtseva, Evgeny Trofimov, Mikhail Gabov.

The resolution of IX Congress of the Komi People was approved.


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